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Welcome to Bear Creek Therapy, the private practice for psychological services with Jessica Ihns, Psy.D., L.P.  I am located in Maquoketa, Iowa and help with serving the communities primarily within Jackson and Clinton counties, with Scott and Dubuque counties also having easy access to this location.  Bear Creek Therapy has been in operation since June of 2010.

If you have been looking for someone to talk to who can help you with better managing stress, emotions, relationships, and life in general, please consider checking to see if the services I offer are a match for you.

Jessica Ihns, Psy.D. - owner & licensed psychologist

I am an Ohio  native who has lived in Iowa since 2006, living within 20 minutes  of the Maquoketa area. Prior to starting my own practice, Bear Creek Therapy, in  2010, I worked for a group practice in Cedar Rapids for four years. Before then,  I had been at a rural community mental health center in northern Minnesota for  two and a half years.

As a therapist, I have often been told by my  clients that I engage in dialogue more than what they had expected. While I do  have a couch in my office, I am not the type of therapist who quietly sits  across from my clients and waits for "therapy" to begin. You can expect that I  will ask questions and give feedback and that I will also ask that you be an  active participant in therapy, bringing forward concerns and questions. 

Aside from being an active participant or facilitator in the therapy  process, I also often describe my therapy style as eclectic. I enjoy utilizing  cognitive-behavioral or rational-emotive strategies, which essentially means  that I help clients understand how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are  connected to one another. I also employ client-centered approaches of active  listening within a warm, genuine, accepting environment. Interpersonal therapy  approaches are incorporated, including with grief, role transitions, and  interpersonal skills. Solution-focused therapy also is beneficial at times, as  well as skill building through such activities as increasing an individual's  assertiveness or implementing healthy boundaries, learning relaxation and time  management strategies, or improving the client's communication skills. 

As a licensed psychologist, I also am available to conduct psychological  assessments. In the past, I have assisted physicians and other counselors with  questions about diagnoses, including assessments for Attention-Deficit /  Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I have also completed the pre-surgery  psychological evaluations that are needed with bariatric surgery.

If you  are looking for a professional to work with you on your depression, anxiety,  stress, or relationships, please contact me for an appointment to see if we  might be a good match. Therapy is a personal process and, if I am not the right  match for you, based on your needs or what you are looking for, I may be able to  assist you with appropriate referrals as well. If you have a need for  psychological testing, please contact me to see if my services may meet the  needs of your request.

Creating Changes for Emotional Wellness
Previous work experiences:

* Clinical psychologist at Family Psychology Associates in Cedar Rapids, Iowa from 2005 to 2010

* Therapist and clinical psychologist at the Human Development Center in Cloquet, Minnesota from 2003 to 2005


*Bachelors of Science in Psychology from The Ohio State University, 1998

*Master's of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology (now
Argosy University - Twin Cities), 2001

*Doctorate in Psychology in Clinical Psychology from the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology
at Argosy University - Twin Cities, 2003

Licensed in the State of Iowa as a Licensed Psychologist (license #00999) and as a Health Service Provider (license #00457).