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Your therapy is whatever you make it to be.  I will be honest and forthcoming that if your issues are beyond my area of expertise or comfort and if I believe that you will be more successful finding a different therapist.  Please remember that finding the right therapist for you is important.  You want to work with someone with whom you can feel comfortable and who is knowledgeable and experienced working with mental health issues that are of concern for you.  

I do not typically work with individuals who are seeking therapy for Eating Disorders, Gambling problems, Substance Abuse, or Trauma-related issues, including PTSD and sexual abuse.  Therapists typically specialize in areas such as these and it is generally best that someone seek a specialist when addressing these issues.  

Similarly, I do not conduct therapy with adolescents with Conduct Disordered behavioral issues and Oppositional Defiant tendencies, nor primary diagnoses of ADHD.  If you are a parent whose child or teenager is struggling with these issues, seeking therapy for yourself and stress management as a parent can be very helpful and we can discuss strategies for decreasing stress, frustration, and negative emotional impacts on you and your family.  

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