Relationships are rarely, if ever, stress-free.  If you and your partner feel now is the time to address the stress, conflicts, or differences you are having, please reach out.  It is my general practice that any and all sessions for couples include both partners.  As a psychologist, it is contrary to my professional ethics to see partners individually and as a couple, as this can result in feeling that "sides are being taken" and it is important in therapy that my role is a neutral and supportive position to facilitate change.  In the case where individual work may be important and necessary for the betterment of the couple, I will recommend such and can help facilitate seeking an individual therapist.

Please know that for insurance purposes, when couples seek therapy, at least one partner needs to be identified as the primary client.  More about this process can be explained at the time of intake.

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  *Please keep in mind that I may be in session or even out of the office.  Leave a detailed message and I will return your call at the earliest opportunity.

Available by appointment only

**Due to the COVID19 pandemic, all therapy is now being held remotely via teletherapy platform doxy.me.  Appointments are arranged based on client & provider availability.


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At this time, all therapy is currently conducted remotely via teletherapy.  Clients need to be able to access a reliable, secure internet connection and have audio & video abilities to see and hear during the session.  It is anticipated that remote sessions will continue through the end of 2020.